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Note from Déziré BALAZIRE CEO
At the initiative of his Excellency the President of the Republic and under the leadership of the Government, the three-year-old airline Congo Airways was created to solve the thorny problem of air mobility for the Congolese people.

There is every reason to believe in the relevance of this vision, given that the country’s dimensions are continental: 2,345,509 km2 in area and more or less 2,000 km from west to east and from north to south. The realization of this vision made it possible to transport 208,000 passengers in 2016, 365,000 passengers in 2017, 360,000 in 2018, with a target of 411,000 in 2019 for 20 destinations, thanks to the services offered by experienced staff, motivated by the desire to always be attentive to and serve passengers. An accessible fare, an adequate schedule, guaranteed punctuality, regularity and flight safety are the assets that have made Congo Airways the leader in aviation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the only airline of the country that operates a young fleet with quality maintenance and very high safety standards.
The flying leopard will expand its itineraries with its brand new domestic flight from Lubumbashi to Kolwezi in the Lualaba province, a major copper and cobalt mining centre.
Congo Airways is still pursuing its ambition to conquer the African sky and will soon be serving new routes including Abidjan, Bangui via Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Luanda, Libreville and Kigali.

I have an obligation to ensure that all operations and maintenance activities are financed and carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards required by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority, and in accordance with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is thanks to this rigour that Congo Airways obtained its IOSA certificate and its IATA membership. No exception, Congo Airways has worked tirelessly to renew its IOSA certification. Congo Airways then had its renewal audit in June 2019.
Based on these positive results and on the comfort and safety provided by Congo Airways to its passengers, His Excellency the President of the Republic Felix TSHILOMBO TSHISEKEDI demonstrated his trust in Congo Airways, by making his first commercial flights inside the country aboard our aircraft on the Kinshasa-Lubumbashi, Lubumbashi-Goma and Goma-Kinshasa routes. With this act, the President of the Republic sent a clear signal by honouring the national airline Congo Airways with its first flight inside the country.

I would like to take this opportunity to express to him, on behalf of Congo Airways, our sincere thanks for the great tributes paid to the flying Leopard.
I invite you all to follow the steps of the President of the Republic and to fly with Congo Airways. Travelling with Congo Airways is always a pleasure. Travelling with a Congolese airline is a source of pride, a guarantee of personal security as well as an old-age insurance for workers affiliated to the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale.

A word of welcome from the Honourable Louise MAYUMA KASENDE, Chairman of the board of Directors

Dear passengers,

Congo Airways is a symbol, an expression of pride for an entire country and its people.
For almost three years now, our company has been flying over the national space and since recently, the international space to the satisfaction of its customers.

Today, with a vision resolutely turned towards its expansion, the company is deploying towards more international network and hopes to please you with its fleet composed of regularly maintained aircraft and well trained personnel.

We are proud of all our employees and their contribution to making Congo Airways «the reference airline» both domestically and internationally.
Our ambition is to completely transform Congo Airways in the next few months with a diversity of products and services devoted to our customers, combined with the know-how that characterizes us.

We invite you not to lose sight of this in-flight magazine which has a lot of information about your company, our company, Congo Airways.
We trust that you will consider travelling with us in the near future.
Have a pleasant flight.

Honourable Louise MAYUMA KASENDE
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Hydroelectric dam located in the western Democratic Republic of the Congo and 140 miles southwest of Kinshasa



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